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This further implies that the dislocations in the boundaries come from Low-energy proton stopping power of N2, O2, and water vapor, and deviations from Bragg's rule. A modified local-plasma model, based on the works of Lindhard and Winther , and Bethe, Brown, and Walske is established. The Gordon-Kim model for molecular-electron density is used to calculate stopping power of N 2 , O 2 , and water vapor for protons of energy ranging from 40 keV to 2.

Deviations from Bragg's rule are evaluated and are discussed under the present theoretical model. Microstructural evolution at multiple scales during plastic deformation. During plastic deformation metals develop microstructures which may be analysed on several scales, e.

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The current state of understanding as well as the major challenges are discusse Om udvekslingen mellem litteratur og film. While exhibiting extensively prints, ceramics and installations IMU data fusion and filtering using a first order Kalman filter. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This archival package contains data from samples collected and analyzed for total alkalinity TA and dissolved inorganic carbon DIC. From these constituents, This work examines the relationship between population growth and economic development in Latin America and assesses progress in the 10 years since the Bucharest World Population Conference.

The Latin American population increased from about million in to million in and around million in The rate of growth reached a maximum of 2. The regional growth rate is a product of population dynamics that differ greatly in individual countries. Current fertility is the result of the different trajectories of the demographic transition in different countries.

While fertility in Argentina, Cuba, and Uruguay underwent a slow but sustained decline that began prior to , other countries including Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, and Venezuela began an accelerated fertility decline in the s that diffused rapidly through all age and social groups. Other countries have still not entered a definite phase of fertility decline. Mortality rates have declined appreciably in Latin America in the past few decades although they remain high in some countries.

After the end of World War II and until the mids, most countries of the region experienced rapid economic growth coupled with profound changes in the productive structure. The industrial labor force grew in almost all countries along with urbanization, the decline of agricultural employment, and the increase of the tertiary sector.

These and other important economic advances through the mids occurred despite rapid population growth, and the beginning of the fertility decline coincided with slowing economic growth that saw negative rates in Various studies have shown that not all population sectors were incorporated in the process of economic and social development. The proportion of the population in active age groups has increased dramatically, but no corresponding increase in employment opportunities has occurred. The informal sector has absorbed most of the excess growth, a trend reflected in the exclusion of a large segment of the population from the fruits of economic progress.

Population growth and increased life expectancy have created demands for more retirement benefits, health and educational services, transportation, recreation, and housing. Nevertheless, it cannot be concluded that rapid population growth necessarily has negative consequences for economic development or social welfare. There are indications that the problem of poverty in Latin America could be solved if the political will to do so existed; obstacles to overcoming poverty are not primarily material or population-related.

Urbanization, settlement of marginal areas, and relative decline of agricultural areas are 3 trends in spatial distribution of varying intensity and repercussions in different countries. Nominentide uuemast moeloomingust. Tallinna Triennaali peaauhinna sai kolumbia kunstnik Oscar Munos. ALMA's long look.

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Oscar Morata and Ted Huang relate the expected delivery schedule and science goals for these instruments. Full Text Available This paper aims to examine the feasibility of the Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource OSCAR as an information system and framework to help find appropriate ways to improve the sustainable performance of heritage buildings in North America.

Bottomfish Fishing Locations. I den sidste time. Arthur William Symons: Dekadencens litteratur. Oscar Wilde: Kritikeren som kunstner Noter I tekster skrevet i tallet udfoldes dekadencekunsten som den forfinede sensibilitets, de forstyrrede sansers og det oprevne sinds digtning. Med litteraturhenvisninger Small Boat Bottomfish Sampling Data. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Fishing operations that focus on targeting bottomfish mostly juvenile opakapaka that are independent of a larger research vessel, i.

Tartusse tuleb Wilde'i ja Vilde monument. Tartu kesklinnas Wilde Irish Pubi ees peaks Elusuuruses kirjanikud hakkavad istuma graniitistmel. Water relations of Eucalyptus nitens x Eucalyptus grandis: is there interclonal variation in response to experimentally imposed water stress?

ME Oscar Mokotedi Suurenev huvi kunstiteoreetiliste probleemide vastu. Ever tightening budgets make it increasingly important to be more efficient in the generation and use of neutrons at research reactor facilities. Urban Gerontological. Book Review: "Urban Gerontology. Population aging and urban facilities. Aguascalientes Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.

The existential realities of grief and bereavement. Our poster outlines the basic analytical and methodological strategy of a pending 3-year investigation into the existential dimensions of grief. Methodologically our design stands out by including a strong focus on the embodied and prereflective dimension of personal existences and connecting this with narrative accounts. Perturbative corrections for approximate inference in gaussian latent variable models. Expectation Propagation EP provides a framework for approximate inference. When the model under consideration is over a latent Gaussian field, with the approximation being Gaussian, we show how these approximations can systematically be corrected.

A perturbative expansion is made of the exact b Furthermore, they provide a polynomial-time assessment of the approximation error.

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We also provide both theoretical and practical insights on the exactness of the EP solution. Proximity approach to study fusion probabilities in heavy-ion collisions. The fusion cross-sections at the sub-barrier energies are found to be enhanced compared to the predictions of the barrier penetration model. Study of fusion probabilities with halo nuclei using different proximity based potentials.

We study fusion of halo nuclei with heavy targets using proximity based potentials due to Aage Winther AW 95, Bass 80 and Proximity In order to consider the extended matter distribution of halo nuclei, the nuclei radii borrowed from cross section measurements are included in these potentials. Our study reveals that the barrier heights are effectively reduced and fusion cross sections are appreciably enhanced by including extended radii of these nuclei.

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We also find that the extended sizes of halos contribute towards enhancement of fusion probabilities in case of proton halo nuclei, but, contribute to transfer or break-up process rather than fusion yield in case of neutron halo nuclei. Mn2O7: Eksplosionsfarlig - men ikke lunefuld. Impact of data assimilation on ocean current forecasts in the Angola Basin. The addition of drifters significantly improves Lagrangian predictability in comparison to the baseline case as well as the addition of either altimetry or OSCAR.

On average the assimilation of either altimetry or OSCAR with drifter velocities does not significantly improve Lagrangian predictability compared to the drifter assimilation alone, even degrading predictability in some cases. When the forecast current speed is large, it is more likely that the combination improves trajectory forecasts. Conversely, when the currents are weaker, it is more likely that the combination degrades the trajectory forecast. Martin [Univ. Large scale scientific data transfers are central to scientific processes. Data from large experimental facilities have to be moved to local institutions for analysis or often data needs to be moved between local clusters and large supercomputing centers.

In this paper, we propose and evaluate a network overlay architecture to enable highthroughput, on-demand, coordinated data transfers over wide-area networks. Our evaluation shows that this approach leads to improved end-to-end data transfer throughput with minimal overheads. The achievedthroughput using our overlay was limited only by the ability of the end hosts to sink the data. Trophic dynamics of hexabromocyclododecane diastereomers and enantiomers in fish in a laboratory feeding study.

The laboratory trophic transfer of hexabromocyclododecanes HBCDs was studied using predatory oscar fish and a prey species tiger barb exposed to a technical HBCD. Gut absorption, dynamic changes of diastereomer pattern and enantiomer fractions, and potential metabolism of HBCDs were examined.

After 20 d of depuration, No enantioselective uptake of the 3 diasteromers was found in the oscar gut. Two HBCD monohydroxylated metabolites were detected in the 2 fish species, but their composition patterns differed, indicating a species-specific metabolism of HBCD in the studied fish species. Fil: Traversa, Oscar. Science and Technology for the Future Force.

FY Summer Study. Methods of extending crop signatures from one area to another.