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Strength and endurance – can you master both at once?

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Toolbox: Exercise Induced Metabolic Acidosis. September 18, During the London Olympics, significant information came to light that is important in terms of our health and athletic performance. EIMA as a sports-related condition can impact performance, hydration, and recovery; especially when we train hard and compete aggressively. Check out this BBC story ran during the Olympics for a brief primer. Hydrogen ions are a by-product waste of cellular energy production from metabolizing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that we take in as food, and from the high levels of mental and physical stress athletes are under when training and competing.


7 Tips for Mastering a Cycling Paceline - CTS

The more time you spend training and elevating the heart rate, the more hydrogen ions build up. Some hydroxyl ions should get into your body through foods and drinks that are alkaline. However, most of the alkalinity from food or drinks is neutralized in the stomach by hydrochloric acid.

Also, with less and less mineral content in our soils, there is less and less mineral content in our food. Processed foods also are generally void of any kind of alkalinity. In fact, most of the foods and drinks we consume contain preservatives and are highly acid-producing.

Running a fast 5K as a masters athlete: Tips from Olympian Paul Osland

This is particularly true of most sports foods and drinks, which leads to a distinct lack of hydroxyl ion availability for most athletes. Therefore, hydrogen ions get a chance to accumulate. Hydrogen ion accumulation is typically controlled by normal body functions.

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Your body has several buffer systems to maintain proper pH balance, but the over-utilization of these buffers lead to a reduction in fitness in some other aspect like thinning bones, muscle wasting, or the development of kidney stones. In short, to maintain proper pH balance system-wide, your body puts the brakes on your output and reduces athletic performance.

You lose. The body's pH balance is important to survival.

Meet the Masters: Ed Whieldon

So important that we will reach a state of muscular failure and literally become unable to continue an effort due to pain or weakness in order to prevent us from going into a full blown state of acidosis. Muscular pain and burn when working out is the body's way of preventing us from elevating our cellular hydrogen ion levels too high.

Most of us have already been there, and can relate to weakness, soreness, dehydration and lack of concentration or coordination which are all symptoms of entering this state of exercise-induced metabolic acidosis. When your body has become weakened and your coordination is reduced, you also become much more susceptible to crashes, and subsequent injury. There are several ways to increase levels of hydroxyl ions to maintain proper pH balance. One of the best ways is eating particular foods which can keep our bodies in better balance.

Citrus fruits, cantaloupe, and a variety of other whole foods can reverse the acidic condition of our bodies. Note that just because a food is acidic in its natural state does not mean that it produces acidity in the body. Lemons are very alkalizing to the cells although the juice is acidic.

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Tomatoes are another acidic food that is quite alkalizing after ingestion.