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It loses any subtypes it has, such as alignment subtypes such as good and subtypes that indicate kind such as goblinoid or reptilian. It does not gain the augmented subtype. Senses : A slime zombie gains darkvision 60 ft and low-light vision. See Table: Size and Armor Class. Hit Dice : Drop any Hit Dice from class levels to a minimum of 1 , double the number of Hit Dice left, and convert them to d8s. Saves : A slime zombie has good Fortitude saves and poor Reflex and Will saves.

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It gains immunity to electricity in addition to all of the defensive abilities granted by the plant type. Weaknesses : A slime zombie has vulnerability to green slime. It takes 2d6 points of damage per round it touches green slime. If brought to 0 hit points , the slime zombie does not transform into a patch of olive slime. If the creature had a swim speed it remains the same. All other types of movement are lost.

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Attacks : A slime zombie loses all the attacks of the base creature and gains a slam attack if it did not already have one. See Table: Size and Damage. Read the full review. Pinkerton has done his homework here: his portrayal of the ins and outs of the film business kept me as interested in the proceedings as the ever-growing tension. You won't be bored for a second. His details of movie making are as good as any Hollywood insider Two severed thumbs up! Dennis Moore, The Horror Zine. A sleek love letter to the very same shot-on-a-budget classics it emulates, Rough Cut pits down-in-the-dumps burned out director Harry Tuttle with everyone's worst nightmare, a crazed fan.

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But in this case, the fan is ever so much more dangerous. Filled with the set pieces of a Saturday night double-feature, Rough Cut will tickle all the right bones It's a biting look into the Hollywood movie scene and also a love letter to horror films Brian Pinkerton has taken a great story to the next level with compelling characters and a sucker-punch plot twist.

But he discovers too late that there is a catch A young mother catches a glimpse of her child on a bus-- two years after he was abducted and declared dead. An innovative murder mystery told through its evidence and clues: employee emails, office memos, police transcripts, media reports, receipts, faxes and other diverse documents. New release Available in paperback , hardcover , ebook and audiobook.

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Pinkerton wields fast pacing and an entertaining, electrifying plot. Brian Pinkerton has created a wonderfully constructed story, frightening in its believability He's coming to grips with his fate, until he is recruited into a privately funded, covert experiment. In a secret lab, Tom's physical appearance is immaculately duplicated as an android. But what happens next leaves Tom caught up in an international crisis with a showdown that could change the course of the world. A science fiction thriller. One stop shopping for thrills, mystery and horror: the Brian Pinkerton Page on Amazon.

Or will the zombie-bugs conquer all and transform Speed Bump and Slingshot into the undead? A Christy Ottaviano Book Read the whole series!

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Clever, imaginative, and precisely targeted to its audience, this new series is sure to please. This story will have students laughing out loud and reluctant readers asking for the sequel. With so many options — a fireman, a ballerina, a cowboy, a ninja—how will he ever decide? In this playful, rhyming story, Monster shows young readers that sometimes being creative and daring to try something new are the best solutions. One Halloween morning three witches are looking for a tasty treat and they find only a small bone in their cupboard. So they decide to go from door to door in their village to find just the right ingredients for their Bone Soup.

No one in the village is convinced that soup can be made from a bone, until the littlest monster reveals just what the special ingredient should be. A fearless eight-year-old who runs his own ghost patrol, looking for ghosts, monsters, and mischief makers everywhere. Oh, and he just so happens to be my new best friend…and thank goodness!

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Welcome to Kersville, a town with a spooky history and a collection of ghosts and spirits who are major mischief-makers. Most kids spend their days without ever seeing or dealing with a ghost, but some kids get stuck with a haunt. When that happens, they call Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol.

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Desmond is the hall monitor of ghosts and monsters. We do everything together…including catch ghosts. Seems cool, right? With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol chapter books are perfect for emerging readers. Boo, Katie Woo!

One blew away, And then there were nine. And so the countdown begins. A mummy, a witch, a ghost, a werewolf, a vampire, and others all gather, but one by one their crowd diminishes. At last there is only one creepy monster left. But what kind of monster is it? Squeals of laughter are sure to accompany the reading of this book from bestselling illustrator Carey Armstrong-Ellis, as ten creepy monsters set out for fun.

Halloween Good Night - Count up to ten and back again with this sweet and clever Halloween bedtime story starring your favorite monsters! Gliding through the moonlight come the monsters big and small, sliding up your stairway and oozing down your hall.


In this interactive board book, kids will love pulling the tabs to make Victor the vampire show off his scary Halloween costume by snapping with his teeth!